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søndag 16. juli 2017

Will Dr Who be a feminist-show? Nope, always have been!

I am a whovian. We are few, but dedicated bunch, here in Norway. And one has to be a humble fan when dealing with a tv-series running since 1964! That's really something!

I was introduced to the show by a friend of mine in 2007. She is a hardcore fan, and threw me in  front of my first doctor : number 9! I loved his boyish charm and his enthusiasm. I wanted to be Rose, of course!
I fell in love with number 10, and there will always be something  extra when Tennant runs the blue box

So, I was not comfortable with Matt Smith in the beginning.. But he grew on me. Indeed he did! He will be missed! I was so ready for Peter C when he was presented as number 12. So I know... It takes time to get used to the new doctor.A couple of episodes, that is all
So, the boy, the lover, the young professor, and the alpha.. Now what??

And lo and behold, today the 13th doctor was revealed. O my! A woman!!
Tardis is happy.. He has been teased for having a female name.  But now the truth has been revealed . If the doctor can be a woman, the Tardis can be a male dog!

Some  say Jodie Whitaker is not gifted enough to play the part. They will be comforted.
Some say a true fan should have an open heart and an open mind. Bless them!

And some say that if the doctor is to be female they had hoped for their own personal favourite. Fair enough! I wanted Rickman, for goodness sake!!

But I have to stop myself from cracking up when listening to those fearing  Dr Who will turn into a FEMINIST FREAKSHOW with PC values..

Come on! The values are already there!!

Let me begin  with the companions ! Strong women, from head to toe, all of them : Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Billy, Clara..... Do we want them any other way? They are anything but needy and helpless.

How about the wifey? River Song is really something! Priceless!

And there is more :
Anyone who hated Missy as a woman?? No one?? Thought so...
Is it only me who wants Osgood back?
The first show you saw a happy lesbian couple, human/alien? Dr Who!! Just the natural thing, to women loving each other!
There has also been a lesbian companion!!  Female scientists, astronauts, and soldiers. So give me a break!

And now ; those dreaded feminine  values. What is considered typical female values?  Here is my list.

Non-violence. No  guns, the doctor has a sonic screw driver
Sacrifices has to be made for the greater good? Nope! The whole world needs to be saved.  Again and again.  Dialogue, all the way. If there is no other way, the doctor is ready to do what is needed.

Ambition, but doubt : "Am I a good man , Clara? " All the conflicts makes the doctor weary. The balance of the universal peace on one  single persons shoulder.  Am I good enough? Can I do something different? The typical male instinct is to hit first, and never look. back. The feminine way is to listen, consider, then take action.The doctor wants what is best for everybody.

Cooperation. Closely linked to the non-violent  ideal above. There is no bombing the other species to silence and extinction. We need to share and understand.

Different is ok! To accept differences, that is what Dr Who is about. Aliens and humans. alike

Protecting the  climate and the environment. The moon is an egg, and the forest protect us from danger from the sun. Compassion for life.

Not giving up the fight for what is right. Even when you might not win. One does it because it is the right thing to do. You have to follow your inner flame, even when they tell you you have no right, and you should blend in and keep quiet.

Friendship runs deep Doctor/companion and humans/aliens. The whole bloody show! Every episode!

Life is important, there is always hope. And it begins with small actions, tiny hopes, from ordinary people. You matter!

You may say that my  list is not only found in feminsm ideas, but that is all  about general moral codes in a lot of movies and series?
My point exactly!

Good luck Jodie! I am ready for more good stories!Bring them on!

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