Nostalgi, EFIT, bikkje,håndarbeid, og min oppriktige mening! Scroll og kos deg.

Ha alltid med deg en bok, spilleliste og sorte poser på din vei....

May the circle be open, but unbroken
May the peace of the Godess be forever in your heart..
Merry meet, and merry part
And merry meet again.....

Mitakuye oyasin

Blessed be!

fredag 22. januar 2016

Mourning Alan Rickman, not Severus Snape

Somehow I must have done a shitty job , not convincing  my co-workers , making them see  his true talent..

But most of them have noticed  that my week has been filled with tears  ,  being under the weather, and in loss.. And they are very nice to me, making sure I am okay.. They know I am a fan.....

However, after all this years... 
The conversation today  went like this...

Setting the scene:
Me, in the teacher's lounge, having lunch with some of  my co-workers, sharing a table.
 Entering colleague no 1(giving me a heartwarming bear hug)
 : How are you today, Eirin? A little better?

Me : *sighs*  Not so bad, but.... Still some tears now and then... Don't know what do do, no more movies, we will never meet, he was simply the best...  Too young to die..."

( Colleague no 2  passing our table, stopping) : Somebody died? Oh! So sorry for your loss...

Me : Yes , numero uno amongst men : Alan Rickman

Colleague no 2 : Who???

( My table moans  loudly and shake their heads , knowing what comes next....aaaall too well...)

Me : Alan Rickman!

Collegue 2 : Who is that? Never heard of him...?

Me : (getting warmed up, and leveling down to noob mode ) Have you seen Harry Potter??

Colleague 2: Weeeeell some of the movies, but...

Me  : ( interrupts) Dark cloak, dark hair..

Colleague2 : Ah! Slur! ( Snape in Norwegian..)

Me : Atta boy! And you saw Love Actually this Christmas ? The cheating boss?

Colleague2 ; Yes! I remember him...... I did not connect the face with the name..

Me :  ( eagerly) Die Hard? The Sheriff in the Kevin Costner- Robin Hood? Snow Cake? Sense and sensibility?

Colleague 2( confused, shakes head):  Noooooo?

Me : ( continues my monologue and sharing my misery to the public) This is it.. There are no one left for me in that department....No one like him, ever..

Colleague 2: (feeling uneasy ) : well ,there is me??

Colleague no 3( sitting at our table ) : You are too short..... Rickman is over 6'! (Clearly she has paid attention to my lectures...)

Everyone laughs, 

No doubt... He is missed ...
I love my colleagues....

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